31 octubre 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

This local projects are kind of mysterious and suspicious... :$
The future "Twin Towers of Guayaquil"
Something odd about this project I'm drawing...

28 octubre 2014

Do you have to know how to draw to be an Architect?

Sincerely the answer is NO. I think you already read this subject in other blogs or architecture websites; but it worth keep talking about it, specially for those who want to become Architects in the future.

I want to keep it clear that althought you don't have to be a master artist from the Rennaisence, not everybody who don't know how to draw can become Archtect, specially if you don't know about proportions, form, basic geometry and . But who know, maybe...

I remember in my college days my drafts were more like The Simpsons in the first season compare to my friends, some of them graduate from art high schools. But as the first course (because we used to studied in years, not semesters) passed by, we realized the good draw is useless when most of your subjects are math, analytical geometry, physics, advance technical drawing and somthing new for me: Calculate budgets. And that was only the first year of study.


When you were about to finish the career you almost forgot to use pen and pencil because of AutoCad and papers were replaced by PDFs and digital blueprints. It was when I finally graduate that I return using paper and pencils in the projects and works that now I am hire.

As I said in an another post, you have to find your own style by practicing, drafting and training in diferent techniques and arts; I still drafting. You keep drafting.

08 octubre 2014

Fighting Duplex

Esto es lo que yo llamaría una competencia por tener la casa con mayor altura, a pesar de que técnicamente son la misma vivienda.

04 octubre 2014

Aftermath: Incendio Edificio Las Cámaras, Gye.

Después del incendio que hable en un anterior post, parece que se han tomado medidas necesarias para proteger a los usuarios y personas que utilizan el Edificio Las Cámaras.