26 agosto 2013

Watched on Twitter

I saw this the other day...
The good about modern it's if a cruiser ship sinks people will float on their iPads and galaxy S4"


21 agosto 2013

13 agosto 2013

If you want it... Part 2

So, I read this on Twitter the other day:
(A guy) only for that, really!!

Well, I have your solution:

12 agosto 2013

Acerca del CIMA

Estos proyectos "verdes" se presentaron en la Cumbre de Medio Ambiente (CIMA) de este año. Solo he visto 1 o 2 de esos proyectos.

 Saludos, Jorge. 

08 agosto 2013

If you want it...

I saw this today on Twitter:
"(A guy) with beard and square belly!! Is too much to ask??


01 agosto 2013

Earth, sweet Earth...

Someday... In 2700??

Se me ocurrió esto después de ver documentales de History Channel.