18 enero 2015

What brought 2014

Although is been weeks since the new year started let's summary and analyse what I learned and what brought the 2014.

1. Bought a Nintendo Wii U with lot of skepticism but totally worth it. Its graphics can't compete with the other consoles but its multiplayer options and games that focus on the fun factor and local play with families, friends, etc. Besides their games are the ones I like most.

2. Steam could be the doom for this generation consoles; with a solid and powerful gaming PC you don't need a PS4 or Xbox One. But with the exclusive games for each console perhaps I will buy one; and Sony's kid is winning that issue. 

3. I learned a lot of abilities I had to develop and not to locked myself in old techniques. I will invest more in courses for improve myself.

4. Must improve my drawing skills. (For comics and blueprints).

5. Ergonomy and psychosocial risks in the workplaces are relative. (Subject for future posts).

Anyway let see what will bring this 2015 and hope it brings new teachings and skills.

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