05 noviembre 2014

How to enjoy video games and not fall in Gaming Anger

I laugh with the review videos of Angry Video Game Nerd and his Latin American counterpart  (somehow) Dross. I am very identified with the Gamer Anger when I used to play as a kid but when I came back to the gaming nowadays it happens that the anger was about to return. But I am wiser right now, so I decide to give a few tips to avoid the "Gaming Anger" (sometimes).

1. Know what kind of games you REALLY like. I like hack and slash, platformers, "pure" RPGs (like Pokemon and FF IV) and FPS. I don't try anything outside that categories or subcategories, Super Smash Bros and Deus Ex could be an exception but most of my games are almost the same gameplay; because I know that if I go outside that "software confort zone" I'll be piss off... With the game... And myself.

2. Play the demo. This must be in first place but sometimes the demo version is not enough and maybe it will give you a false clue how the game is going to be. So when you play the demo version try to analyse if the game is good for you. Sometimes a game does't have a demo available, that's when you need Internet to check what they say about the game.

3. Don't buy inmediately the game. Wait a week or two so you can try it somewhere and if you really want to buy it. Also you can check Internet and read what other people (normal people like you and me) say about the game. Also if you are really patient, you can wait months or one year and the game will be from 50% to 75% off! Most of my Wii U games are from the old generation but for me who recently came back to gaming it was perfect... And cheaper.

4. Check other reviews. Maybe you check Gamespot, IGN, Metacritic, GamesFaq, Meristation (Spanish website) or any other gaming website that made reviews and perhaps you already have a favorite Blogger/Vlogger who also make reviews; is ok but is healthier to check other points of view all over the internet. Keep Searching... And Reading.

5. Don't be a fanboy. This happened to me with f#$%* Donkey Kong Country Returns. I love Nintendo and DKC so much that when I knew that there is a Donkey Kong Country for the Wii I buy it inmediately; without consider my previous points you had read. I have to admit that I loved the "retro" gameplay and graphics but there is a reason why we veterans prefer Diddy Kong to Donkey in the original game!! And the control doesn't help!!! I really wanted to use an arrow like the AVGN did in an episode, but I sold the game on the internet instead.

And after that day I apply this tips when I going to buy a new video game and it worked so far. I haven't throw the controller, or smash the tv, or kick the f$%&** the console/PC when I lose and so on; I prefer that way because video games are a form of entertaiment, not a torture device!!


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